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Wordwall Software

What is Wordwall?


Wordwall is a classroom activity maker that you can use for Interactive whiteboards, Interactive touch panels and projectors. Rather than creating static non-interactive slides on existing software you can create fun interactive classroom activities that will engage the learners and expand their knowledge. By utilising one of the many templates available within the software - where you can create a learning activity within seconds!

Not only can you bring your lessons to life with the Wordwall software with easy to create fun interactive learning, the software will help you to score highly with Ofsted in the delivery of literacy and numeracy skills. Combine the power of the software with the RespondAnywhere site license or Wordpad tablets and they will allow the learners to interact with the lesson and the software will keep track of their results. You can export the results to Excel and create a log for each learner - easily allowing you to show progress over many lessons. 

The Wordwall single board license will allow full access to the whole suite of Wordwall activities games and online community resources whilst using an existing interactive display. The single board license will cover one existing display and one PC installation already in the classroom. 

Pricing And Licensing

Please click here for the Wordwall section under the heading Interactive Whiteboards for more information on pricing and license details. 

Upgrade Path

Wordwall can be upgraded to be used with the Wordwall RespondAnywhere site license or with the use of the Wordpad tablet devices. Wordwall RespondAnywhere will allow you to use Wordwall on all existing interactive screens, tablets or boards thoughout the school and can even be installed on teachers home computers. Wordpad will allow you to interact with the Wordwall software by using the in built app on the tablet. The Wordpad does not contain a RespondAnywhere license. 

Please scroll down for more details regarding these products.

How easy Is Wordwall to use?

The software will allow you to create a lesson activity in a matter of minutes in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 - Pick Your Template

Wordwall Templates

Step 2 - Enter Your Content

Simply draw the layout of the class on the left hand side and enter the names of the learners to the right. 

Wordwall Seating Plan

Step 3 - Chose The Type Of "Game" To Play

Select from the choice of "Game" on the left hand side, select a theme in the centre and press play!

Wordwall Game

Step 4 - Play Game 

What can we do with this template?

  • You can manually change the seating position of a child by selecting on the board and moving to the position required.
  • You can chose to shuffle the children to randomly seat them into a different place for an activity.
  • You can run a random roam or spinner to highlight a child and ask them questions.
  • You can have the software automatically assign the children into groups - no more arguments when pairing up!
  • The game can be adjusted to allocate a point system underneath their names to easliy turn the lesson into an interactive quiz.

Wordwall Play Game


Your activity will engage the whole class. It’s very easy to use, just pick your template, type in your content and with a few clicks you’re done. And if you don’t have time for that, the Wordwall online community has produced lots of ready-made resources for use across the KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 curriculums.

Wordwall RespondAnywhere
Wordwall RespondAnywhere allows you to run the Wordwall audience response app on any HTML5 compatible device. (This includes Windows, Macs, Linux, iOS and Android; it works across desktops, tablets and phones.) 

This product offers a way for schools which have fixed PC computer rooms, existing iPad class sets or bring-your-own-device policies, to make use of that existing hardware.

RespondAnywhere will allow you to get instant feedback from the learners by allowing them to interact directly with the content you are teaching. By asking the class a question they can repond by either drawing or typing on their device once they click submit it will show up instantly on the board or screen.

Whats more you can export the results and store them in Excel - providing evidence of student progress required by Ofstead to be an outstanding teacher or school. Particluarly useful from the Maths Tiles or Word Tiles activitys as you are proving the advancement of skills in numeracy and literacy.

For Example

Example of the Sketchpad classroom tool using the mobile reponse option. Here we have asked the class to draw around a certain topic. The learners response from their mobiles or tablets have been instantly shown on the screen or whiteboard. If the learners draw spomething inappropriate then the teacher can click on it and it will disappear. 

Wordwall Sketchpad

Once we have the classes responses we can use these to futher explore the subject in hand. By selecting the tab at the bottom left we can select a random roam or spinner. The system will highlight a random picture from which the teacher can ask more in depth questions related to that image. 

Once you exit the activity (again the tab at the bottom left) you can save these results and create new lesson activities from them. 

In the following example we have brought in some picture of fruit and vegetables. We can use the mobile connection as a joypad to allow the learners to answer the questions. The teacher can keep asking questions and the learners can adjust their answers accordingly. 

Wordwall Sketches

When we exit the activity we can automatically store the results of the question and answer session and the pictures that we have used / gathered from the audience. The results can then be used to easily monitor the leaners progress over time an important part of the Ofsted inspection. 

From our results we can create a new template, this time a random wheel. We can spin the wheel using the interactive flat panel or whiteboard. When the wheel lands we can ask a question on that area of the topic. As you can see it is very easy to quickly interact with the class and make lessons fun and enjoyable where the learners want to take part and not realise that they are learning. 

Random Wheel
Wordwall with Respond Anywhere allows:-
•Full access to the whole range of Wordwall templates, themes, games and on line resources
•In the new version, unlocks 30+ mobile games and activities
•To install the Wordwall software throughout the site and use on any board or panel.
•To use any HTML enabled device to respond into the software
•To install on teacher’s home computers
The subscription is a yearly site licence and pricing will vary depending on the number of students enrolled. Please click here for the Wordwall section under the heading Interactive Whiteboards for more information on pricing and license details. 
Wordpad 7

Wordpad 7

Wordpad 7 is a great performing Android tablet designed especially for the classroom. Featuring a 7” screen, a zippy A9 Cortex processor and 1Gb RAM, you can deploy and manage apps as well using the Google Play store and Google Apps to create documents, take photos and record video. You can also adjust the Tablets to Teacher or Learner controls and prevent unauthorised adjustments to settings. 

Its integration with Wordwall allows much more than just ABCD quizzes. For example, you can turn your whiteboard into a post-it board where every student can contribute ideas and then evaluate those ideas using opinion scales. It gives every student a voice in the classroom. Or students can navigate round the board using joypad controls to answer questions and gain points. Like a 30 player video game for the classroom, it’s fantastic fun.

Purchases of class sets of Wordpad 7 tablets include a perpetual licence of Wordwall (without RespondAnywhere) which can be used on any interactive screen or whiteboard. You can still respond to the Wordwall activites using the in built app on the Wordpad. 

Please click here for the Wordwall section under the heading Interactive Whiteboards for more information on pricing and license details. 

Training Packages

To help you get the best out of Wordwall - we can provide full training solutions nationwide delivered by certified Wordwall Trainers.

Introduction course

A typical introduction to the Wordwall Software training session will include:

  • How to Set-up the software and prepare your computer for Wordwall. 
  • Learn what the included Wordwall templates can offer. 
  • Prepare lesson material and resources, and save for future use
  • Import material from other applications
  • Hands on practice

The recommended group size for each session is 10 to 12 people to ensure that all participants have a chance to have hands on learning and ask any question they may have.

If you would like more information about the Wordwall software or Wordwall training packages to suit you or to book a training session, please call us on 01924 278009 and we will be happy to help.