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Projector Screens

What Type Of Projector Screen?

When selecting the type of projector screen you need to consider your budget, your space and your audience. The type of screen you use will depend on wether you need it to be portable, fixed to the wall, mounted to or within a ceiling. The pictures below show the different types of screens available and if you need any guidance choosing the correct one for you, please call and we will be happy to help.  


 Manual Screens


 Electric Projector Screen


 Fixed Frame Screens



Manual / Pull Down Projector Screens 


Electric Projector Screens


Fixed Frame Projector Screens



 Portable Projector Screens


Super Portable Projector Screen 


 fast fold projector screens



Portable Projector Screens


 Super Portable Projector Screens


 Fast Fold Projector Screens



Rear Projection


ceiling recessed





Rear Projection Projector Screens


 Ceiling Recessed Projector Screens


  Tripod Projector Screens



Tab Tensioned


Dual Motor


Electric Floor raising



 Tab Tensioned Projector Screens


  Screen Winch + Dual Motor Projector Screens 


 Electric Floor Raising Projector Screens



Multi Format 




2d 3d Projector Screens




Multi Format Projector Screens




 2D and 3D Combination Projection Screens 



Outdoor Projector Screen Accessories


Screen Winches 



Projector Screen Accessories 



Outdoor Projector Screens


Screen Winch Systems


Projector Screen Accessories 




What Is A Projector Screen?

A projector screen is made up of a special fabric either woven or made from PVC. They are designed to reflect back the light or picture you send at it. Resulting in a sharp, focused, bright and clear image. 

Why Not Just Use A White Wall?

A white wall will absorb the brightness resulting in a reduced quality image with colours, focus and brightness all being reduced. Why invest in a good quality projector only to have the end result compromised by not having a projector screen? 

What Projection Fabric To Choose?

We recommend a matte white fabric as standard, these will display the exact picture your projector was designed to show. High contrast screens will absorb some of the brightness and result in darkening your colours - useful for older projectors but will comprise modern day units. A glass beaded screen will artifically increase the brightness which will result in washing out the colours and reducing the available viewing angle. 

What Projection Format To Choose?

It is best to match up the format of your screen to the native resolution of your projector. Generally if your projector is SVGA or XGA then it is 4:3, if it is FULL HD / 1080p it will be 16:9. And WXGA or WUXGA generally are 16:10 but if you are unsure please call us and we will be happy to help.

Projector Screens are available in the following formats as standard, custom formats are available - please call for details. 

 Projection Screen Formats

Super Portable Screens are designed to sit on the table and can easily be transported which are ideal for travelling staff.

Portable Projector Screens are designed to sit on the floor and offer a more professional finish than tripod screens. Some use a pole to bring the screen up and others use a hydraulic backing that simply pulls up and retracts at the press of a button. 

Tripod Projector Screens the old favourite designed to sit on a floor and extend to the size you require. 

Manual Projector Screens designed to mount to the wall or ceiling and simply pulled down when required and will retract with a small tug on the fabric. They are very similar to a tradiotional roller blind. 

Electric Projector Screens designed to mount to the wall or ceiling and will drop down or retract at a press of a button. You can also automate the process using triggers, remote controls or auto links. 

Fast Fold / Frame Screens designed so that a large screen size can be easily transported. The screen fabric clips to a frame which then attaches to a couple of legs. The screen can then be easily folded up and put away for the next event.

Fixed Frame Projector Screens are designed to give a tensioned flat surface and mount to the wall. They are a permanent feature and hang like a picture frame.

Tab Tensioned Projector Screens designed to give a perfectly flat surface to ensure the highest quality image. 

Ceiling Recessed Projector Screens designed to hide away above the ceiling when not in use. You will need to cut away the platerboard ceiling or false ceiling tiles. Please ensure before deciding on this option that your ceiling joists are not running where you need to insert the screen. If you are unsure please call us. 

Rear Projection Screens are designed to place the projector behind the screen so that it is not seen by the audience.

Electric Floor Raising Projector Screens are designed to sit on the floor and will electrically rise. Useful for places of worship or auditoriums where the screen cannot mount to the wall or ceiling. 

Multi-format Projector Screens are designed so that at a touch of a button the screen format will change framing the projected image. Never have unused screen fabric again!

Screen Winch And Dual Motor Projector Screens the screen winch will bring the screen housing down from a high ceiling and then the screen can be viewed comfortably by the audience.

3D Projector Screens designed for 3D use when you need a special screen surface. 

2D and 3D Combi Projector Screens designed so that you have a permanent 3D surface and a 2D surface will drop down at the touch of a button. 

Whether you need a small or large screen or a certain type to suit your needs we will have a projector screen to meet your requirements.If you cannot find a particular screen you are looking for or just need friendly un-biased advice please call on 01924 278009 and we will be happy to assist you or email us and we will be more than happy to help.

For your peace of mind we also offer installation services so you can be assured of a safe, neat and professional solution for your classroom, office, training room, boardroom or place of worship.

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