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Cherrywood AV are proud to be an authorised dealer for Optoma. 

Below you will find some quick links which will help you find the Optoma product to match your requirements. Alternatively if you have a specific model in mind please use our search engine above for the product you are looking for. If you would like any assistance please call us and we will be happy to help. 


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All Optoma Projectors


All Optoma Screens


All Optoma Visualisers



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Below you will find some quick links which will help you find the product that matches your requirements. 

All Optoma Projectors view all the different types of Optoma Projectors available.

All Optoma Projector Screens view all the different types of Optoma Projector Screens available.

Optoma Portable Projector Screens are designed to sit on the floor and offer a more professional finish than tripod screens. Some use a pole to bring the screen up and others use a hydraulic backing that simply pulls up and retracts at the press of a button. 

Optoma Manual Projector Screens designed to mount to the wall or ceiling and simply pulled down when required and will retract with a small tug on the fabric.

Optoma Electric Screens designed to mount to the wall or ceiling and will drop down or retract at a press of a button

Optoma Tensioned Projector Screens designed to keep the projection surface perfectly flat to gain the best possible image.

Optoma Fixed Frame Projector Screens are designed to give a tensioned flat surface and mount to the wall. They are a permanent feature and hang like a picture frame.

Optoma Projector Accessories compliment your av installation with a range of high quality projector accessories. 

For the professional finish we can provide Installation Services so you can be confident of a safe, tidy and perfect working solution for your classroom, office, meeting room, board room or place of worship.

If you need friendly unbiased advice, please call us on 01924 278009 and we will be happy to help our friendly staff will advise on the model best suited to your needs.