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Interactive Flat Panels

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Interactive Flat Panels


Sharp Interactive Whiteboards

  Smart Interactive Screens   Interactive Flat Panels   Sharp Interactive Screens  

Promethean Interactive Displays

  Viewsonic Interactive Displays  

Benq Interactive Displays

  Promethean Interactive Screens   Viewsonic Interactive Screens    BenQ Interactive Screens  
  CTouch Interactive Screens   Cleverboard Interactive Devices   iiyama Interactive Devices  
  CTouch Interactive Screens   Clevertouch Interactive Screens   Iiyama Interactive Screens  
  Philips Interactive Displays  

NEC Interactive Displays

  Optoma Interactive Screens  
  Philips Interactive Displays   NEC Interactive Displays   Optoma Interactive Screens  

 We have listed most of the popular Interactive Flat Panel Display models on our website but if you require a model that is not listed please call us on 01924 278009 and we will be happy to help.

An Interactive display is similar to a large TV found at your home but with the added bonus of a touch surface for interacting with the computer that you connect to. Presentations, Training sessions can only be controlled directly on the screen connected to your computer or laptop, whats more you can edit on the fly - add notes and even capture whole meetings directly into files. 

An Interactive display will provide a similar working environment to that of an Interactive whiteboard solution but with the added benefit of improved looks and design.

A teacher can use them to engage the audience and make learning fun and interactive a proven successful formula. A trainer can annotate over existing presentations bringing in new ideas from the audience and save these notes for future sessions. Remove the flip-charts from the meeting room write directly into the interactive screens software and save these notes for distribution of meeting notes or idea gathering sessions. 

We offer Benq Interactive displaysViewsonic Interactive ScreensSmart interactive displaysSharp interactive displaysPromethean Interactive displays, Iiyama Interactive ScreensClevertouch InteractiveCTouch ScreensPhilips Interactive Displays, Optoma Interactive Screens and NEC Interactive Displays .

We also offer Interactive Flat Panel accessories including stands, trolleys, replacement pens and cables.